Our mission is to
reinvent patients'
daily lives.

Moment offers platforms that allow patients to escape, get information, stay connected with their loved ones and better experience their stay in a healthcare institutions.

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A hospitable world

more serene and friendly

Patients wellbeing

Improve comfort and reduce stress throughout the treatment process.

Institutions performances

Strengthen economic and organizational efficiency and the quality of care.


Caregivers environment

Streamline the work environment with simple and effective tools.


From customer experience

to patient experience.

Moment is one of the French leaders in the digitalization of the customer experience. We help travel and hospitality players who want to create positive, memorable and differentiating customer journeys. In just a few years, Moment has won the trust of international clients such as Air France, Air Belgium, SNCF or Paris Aéroports.

Building on these successes, we are now putting our expertise at the service of the healthcare sector. We have designed a complete range of solutions for hospitals, in order to improve the experience of all those involved in the care process: from patients to their companions and caregivers.



your digital transformation.

Building the hospital of tomorrow requires the adoption of new technologies. In this context, Moment supports healthcare players in the digitalization of their patient journey. We are convinced that digital can bring better operational efficiency as well as a simpler, more pleasant and connected patient experience.

Agile Organisation

A streamlined and perfect execution.

Proprietary technologies

Internal technology development.

Innovation Culture

To invent tomorrow's health

Outil de Performance

Build your attractiveness and revenues


They are

trusting us

Moment is proud to partner with clients from various industries to transform their customer experience.

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Mint is a platform that allows patients to find hundreds of entertainment content, practical information and hotel services, from the TV in their room as well as on all their mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Whatever your needs and the size of your establishment, Moment Care will provide you with a turnkey solution that is easy to deploy and offer to your patients.

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