A tab-based solution

for out-patient services.

Mint Tab is reinventing the patient experience during and after hospitalization. Our tab-based solution allows you to make hundreds of content, information and services available on a secure tablet. Mint Tab is specifically designed to improve the comfort of patients on an outpatient basis or during at-home hospitalization.


Live TV, On-demand Content, Internet Access


Welcome Book, Health Info, Maps


Video Calls, Messaging, Photo Sharing


Agenda, Prevention, Surveys

A solution

adapted to your needs

Mint Tab is a secure, ergonomic and secure device, which allows you to offer an experience entirely personalized to your needs.

Customizable platform

An interface personalized to your identity and the specificities of your audience.

Adapted Interface

Easy to use thanks to a simple and intuitive design.


Monitor the performance of your service transparently.

IOS/Android App

Application developed on Apple and Android platforms.

Maximum security

Centralized management of your fleet of tablets on an MDM, storage cabinet and protective accessories.

Kiosk environment

Interface locked to your app to provide a better experience for your patients.

The right information,
to the right patient at the right time.

Digitize your communication to welcome and guide your patients more effectively.

  • Welcome booklet
  • Map
  • News
  • Satisfaction Survey

Enhance Confort
during home-based

Mint Tab is also a relevant solution to improve comfort during home hospitalization.

  • Improved patient comfort

  • Integration of the device into the medical bed

  • Strengthening your “home” offer

  • Income opportunities

A companion

in the health journey

Support your patients at every stage of their stay by giving them more autonomy and visibility over their care..

  • Agenda
  • Pedagogical Info
  • Prevention
  • Therapeutic Informations

Let’s enhance patient experience together.

Contact us to jointly design a personalized solution for your institution.

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